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Send Free Fax Online to the U.S. and Canada!


"GotFreeFax offers an excellent free outgoing fax service, as well as an affordable and useful pay-as-you-go service, making it our best pick for both use cases."

" lets you fax with no ads on the cover page!"
-- The Clark Howard Show

"I want to thank you so much for all the great service. I at times need to sent a fax to doctors and being retired and on a very small income I can not handle the expanse of a fax. I have been using for about 2 years on and off only about maybe 3 to 4 times it has saved me money and time from going out and having to pay to send a fax in the drug store. Thank you."
-- Michael C., Bluffton, South Carolina

"Just wanted to say thanks a TON! I needed to send a fax in the middle of the night, and your service performed flawlessly. So glad that there is an alternative to tracking down a fax at 1 am!"
-- Trevis O., Champaign, Illinois

"I have just used your free service for the first time and I am impressed. I don't have the need to send faxes very often, but I certainly will used yours again. I have already recommended your service to a friend and will continue to do so. Thanks for the efficiency and keeping me in the "loop" as to when sent and went received. Much appreciation."
-- Joanne S., Richardson, Texas

"Great no-frills service! I'm so glad to have found your site and will be recommending it to all my friends and family. Your prices and file accommodations are excellent. I hope you are able to continue your service for many years to come."
-- Craig W., Vancouver, WA

"THANK you for your service. I was desperate this morning for a quick solution to send a fax for a family emergency. Thank you. It was quick, easy, and painless. I so appreciate this service."
-- Kathleen, CO

"Your service is awesome! I love the quickness and the confirmation. I first faxed with another company this morning at 12:31 and am still waiting for a confirmation. I found your site, and sent the same fax and instantly I had a confirmation. Needless to say, I'm sticking with you! Thank you for an excellent product and quick service."
-- Dawn L., Denver, CO

"It's about time somebody offered a service like this!!! THANK YOU!!! I am going to tell EVERYONE I know about your service."
-- Randy, Livermore, CA

"Thank you for this Free Fax service. I am a Senior and the Post office in my neighborhood has removed their fax machine. ( hard to believe but true) I truly appreciated this Free service. Thank you very much."
-- Peter C., Toronto, Canada

"A quick note to say thanks a Million! I live in an area I get no fax - and the organization insists this is the only way to send the communication. I really appreciate the fax you guys sent and I'll definitely subscribe to your service if I find I need to send more faxes. Thanks again."
-- Vanessa, Mt Laurel, NJ

"I will let others know about the site. I was in a bind, did a search, picked the site! ..fouled up the fax. great customer service! Will pass this on. thanks again!"
-- Karen C., Altoona, PA

"Just used this for first time. It's a great resource. Thanks."
-- Keith, Surprise, AZ

"I wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provide with your web site. Not only is it prompt & reliable but in the end, it saved me money in not having to buy a fax machine :)"
-- Marc B., Ottawa, ON. Canada

"Wow! This is very handy! There are limitations to faxing free, however, if you need to fax more per month than allowed or more pages, the prices are extremely reasonable! Happy to have found this site!"
-- User

"This is AWESOME! I have found myself in line at Staples and at my local library trying to fax things and my husband is currently looking for a job and being able to fax his resume for free will definitely be a help."
-- User

"What a great tool for the common, everyday computer user who doesn't have a fax machine at home. How many times have you needed to fax a document but you have no fax machine. The result is having to send the document via snail mail which can take days or even weeks! Well, no more! Now you can fax your documents easily and for free! This site is fantastic!"
-- User

"Hello! I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and your company for providing such a wonderful, easy to use service. I've been using for awhile now, and I just wanted to say thanks for making it so simple to send professional looking documents when I don't have a home fax machine. Have a wonderful day!"
-- N'Lou F., Dayton, Ohio

"Thank you for your service and the option to choose a fax service based on one-time, variable, or high usage that meets my needs. There are times when I just need to send a fax, but do not want to subscribe to a monthly service. The manner in which you give the customer the option to use a free service without going through hours of membership is really important. Whenever I have had to send a fax, it is needed right away. I do not want to have to fill out a ton of paperwork; subscribe to a monthly premium I do not use; or enter credit card information in order to get the fax sent. You make it easy, and I appreciate the opportunity to have choice in how I do it. Thank you. Be certain that times I need to send more faxes than the free service, you are the first place I will look. Your service is prompt, reliable, and extremely easy to use. I appreciate the feedback emails and ability to track status. Communication is very important, and fax services will continue to be a #1 go-to medium when more sophisticated electronic communication services that don't work on both sides of the conversation. Thank you again."
-- Cordelia R., Troy, AL, Feb. 2015

"I just used your service for the first time. Having this service was an immense help. The results were excellent. Beyond availability and results, the process was outstanding. You have an exceptional user interface. Kudos to your web developers. Based on this one user's experience, they've done an outstanding job."
-- Peter W., Charlottesville, VA, July 2018

"Thank you so much for your great free fax service. I only need to fax occasionally and hate keeping the fax set up. Your service always works great. If I ever need to start faxing again more often I will just pay you to do it!"
-- Marcia B., July 2018

"I am absolutely delighted with GotFreeFax. Its design, implementation, execution, and post-execution confirmation are flawless. Everything that concerns the user has been thought of in advance. It's what computer people call an "elegant" system--elegant in both its simplicity and performance. Thank you so much for making it available."
-- John W., June 2019

"Just wanted to say what a great service you are offering. Could not be simpler to use. The fact that it is free is terrific. If I find the need, I will happily upgrade."
-- Rick S., Jan. 2022

"Thank you for truly advertising what you meant. Most places say free but they aren't. I will use this service for more of my fax needs as your prices are good and no monthly fee."
-- Terry, Jan. 2022

"I have been using gotfreefax (GFF) for a long time! I can't remember when I signed up! GFF has been the most efficient, easy and readable fax service so I don't use any other. I have never had a problem with the receiver getting & reading the documents. I was a travel nurse & it helped me no matter where or when I was to safely & securely send my faxes. I tell others about it often when needed. Thanks for the many years of service!"
-- Ms. Jones, Jan. 2022

"I've used GotFreeFax periodically for 10-20 years I think. I love that it's simple, focused and free of ads. Plus, you provide fantastic service! Pass the word to your team that GotFreeFax is still my favorite, go-to online faxing service. Thanks again!"
-- Ms. Peterson, July 2022

"What a fabulous pain-free experience. Everything is simple, clear and complete. No confusion anywhere! Just made my day!"
-- Lorna W., Sept. 2022

"I just used your service and want to comment on how easy it was to use. I don't really need an account and am happy to pay per use. I didn't see anywhere on the website to leave a review. Good Job!"
-- Melinda S., Sept. 2022

"I am a 73 y/o veteran and wanted to thank you for the free service to send a fax without leaving my home. I only needed to fax this one item within the past 5 years. I had no idea that this service was available or that I could get it to work. It worked great. Again, I Thank You."
-- David R., Jan. 2023

"A BIG thank you for this service. Easy format to follow, simple instructions, and confirmation page. Wow, I appreciate it so much. I'm disabled and I'm not able to get out much, so this service is really a blessing to me. Keep up the good work!"
-- Charlotte R., Mar. 2023

"Good morning, Thanks to my translator, I can confirm that I am very happy to have discovered this fax system. Fast and effective. Being French and living in Quebec (Canada) it would be great to be able to read to you in French….But I don't want to exaggerate, thank you for your free!"
-- Bernadette, Mar. 2023

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