Online Fax Tips

General fax tips
  • Use page with plain white background
  • Use black text color
  • Use a large font size (12pt or larger)
  • Use a sans-serif font face (Arial, Verdana, etc.), especially for small fonts
  • Use a portrait page layout
  • Use a standard page size (letter size)
  • Use simple high contrast graphics
  • Use a fax cover page
  • Feed paper into scanner/fax machine in the correct direction; do not fax document with content upside down
Document scanning tips
  • Scan document in black white halftone mode
  • Scan document at a resolution of 200 DPI
  • If document has a color or patterned background (passport, birth certificate etc.), try increasing scanning contrast to remove background and make text more distinctive
  • To learn more technical details about scanning, read "Scanning for Fax" at
Limitations of fax
  • Low resolution - fax has a maximum resolution of 200 DPI versus 600+ DPI resolution of laser printers and inkjet printers
  • Black and white only - color or greyscale contents are converted to black and white halftone mode in fax