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Online Fax Tips

General fax tips
  • Use page with plain white background
  • Use black text color
  • Use a large font size (12pt or larger)
  • Use a sans-serif font face (Arial, Verdana, etc.), especially for small fonts
  • Use a portrait page layout
  • Use a standard page size (letter size)
  • Use simple high contrast graphics
  • Use a fax cover page
  • Feed paper into scanner/fax machine in the correct direction; do not fax document with content upside down

Document scanning tips
  • Scan document in black white halftone mode
  • Scan document at a resolution of 200 DPI
  • If document has a color or patterned background (passport, birth certificate etc.), try increasing scanning contrast to remove background and make text more distinctive
  • To learn more technical details about scanning, read "Scanning for Fax" at

Limitations of fax
  • Low resolution - fax has a maximum resolution of 200 DPI versus 600+ DPI resolution of laser printers and inkjet printers
  • Black and white only - color or greyscale contents are converted to black and white halftone mode in fax

Fax test sheet
Fax Test Sheet
Download Fax Test Sheet in PDF Format

Fax Test Result
Download Fax Test Result in PDF Format
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